In a world drowning with information
the role of journalism is essential

We put the quality and accuracy of journalism at your service

Professional journalism

By hiring our services you have access to a service provided by professional journalists. We investigate, collect information from several sources to produce high quality journalism.

Accuracy and independence

We rely on the utmost ethical standards and follow the guidelines of accuracy, independence and transparency when delivering our work. We can only conquer the loyalty of the audience if we offer these standards.

Specialized reporters in several fields

We work with a network of specialized reporters in several fields. Whatever the case, our mission is to ensure the quality of professional journalism.

News & articles ready to publish

Our work goes from the very initial point of gathering data and information, contacting sources, going trough the writing process and finally editing so you can have a product ready to publish. In addition, we provide information in appropriate formats for multiple platforms.

  • + 5 million
    Portuguese read news online

    Bareme Internet, 2016

  • 69%
    millennials get news at least once a day

    Media Insight Project, 2015

  • 51%
    of over 50,000 online news consumers in 26 countries, polled by Reuters Institute, say they use social media as a source of news each week. Around one in ten (12%) say it is their main source. Facebook is by far the most important network for news.

    Digital News Report, 2016

Trust us to deliver the information you need

News feeds

We provide news for media outlets to use in their wires that can be easily integrated in our clients platforms. I.e. the Portuguese-language wire of financial news agency Dow Jones.

News articles and reports

We select, edit and write news articles for media outlets, which are tailored to the information needs of their target audience.

In-depth reports

We have access to resources that allow us to write in-depth reports on companies, business sectors, countries, regions, etc. We offer quality and independent analysis, because we believe knowledge is much more than just information.

We offer several formats to publish online and offline
We offer several formats to publish online and offline
  • Written articles
  • Video
  • Photo reports
  • Infographics
  • Multimedia reports
  • Podcasts

Our projects

Webtexto produces the Portuguese-language newsfeed of international financial news agency Dow Jones Newswires, collaborates with national media and launched an online magazine about Portugal in English.

Dow Jones - DJ Bolsa

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Dow Jones - DJ Bolsa
Dow Jones - Forex

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Dow Jones - Forex
Jornal de Negócios

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Jornal de Negócios