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Project Description

Within the scope of content about television, Webtexto creates and updates databases on the broadcast programming of the television channels available in Portugal. Webtexto had previously developed some projects in this field which have now consolidated in the creation of an EPG (Electronic Programme Guide) unit, having as a client one of the main world players in the field of digital media: Gracenote.

Project Details

In this project we create and manage a database with information regarding broadcast programming of the television channels operating in Portugal. Through a web application developed by Webtexto the information is managed in a structured and relational form, enabling it to be then made available to clients in different formats and digital media. With expertise in relational database languages, web applications, XML, web services, and the import of information from a wide range of media, a project is managed with the purpose of providing in real time information of quality, updated and rich in content and relations. Information that can serve a variety of purposes for the client.

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