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Project Description

Generalist news website about Portugal written in English by Portuguese Journalists. Portugal Daily View is a project conceived and developed by Webtexto. Launched in 2011, PDV is a generalist news website about Portugal written in English by Portuguese journalists. It was created to provide readers around the world access to the most important and relevant news about the country. Covering areas such as Portuguese politics, business and economy, culture, and sports, PDV also provides information on tourism and leisure.

Project Details

Portugal Daily View is a digital media project in English that demanded from Webtexto the development of skills in the production, management and updating of content for digital platforms, including text, images and videos. Blending their expertise and experience in a variety of areas in journalism, the Webtexto team conceived the website, created the entire content structure, developed work routines and a production flow of news which enabled the daily update of an online magazine on all fronts.

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