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Project Description

Dow Jones' financial newsfeed in Portuguese and in real time. Webtexto produces the Portuguese-language newsfeed of international financial news agency Dow Jones Newswires, circulated through the Dow Jones Newswires service and delivered directly to subscribers. Called DJ Bolsa, this news service covers the main European markets, Wall Street and also the Lisbon stock exchange. The news covers companies, macroeconomics, and market commentary on Madrid, London, Paris, Frankfurt, New York and Tokyo. The news update is made daily between 6am and 8pm GMT and includes some 100 headlines a day.

Project Details

With extensive knowledge in the fields of economics and finance, including specific knowledge on forex trading, Webtexto's journalists and editors carry out the specific work of a news agency. Based on Dow Jones' English-language service, they select, prioritise and produce information with the rigour and promptness demanded by a financial news agency such as Dow Jones. For this work, which demands extensive knowledge of English and the production of news in both European Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese, Webtexto has developed a series of technical tools which help guarantee greater quality to its work.

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